First YOGA Image Optimizer Version (v1.0.0) Released!

Today, the first stable version of YOGA Image Optimizer was released. As, this software is brand new, there are some limitations and missing functionalities in this first version, but this will be improved in future releases.


YOGA Image Optimizer allow you to batch convert / optimize your images. It supports most format as input, and can output optimized JPEGs, PNGs and WebPs.


YOGA reduces the weight of the JPEGs from -9 % to -45 % (-27 % in average). The optimization is done by (re)encoding the images with Guetzli. The JPEG optimization will be improved further in future releases.

JPEG Benchmark

JPEG file reduction on a selection of images


YOGA reduce the weight of the PNGs up to -75 % (about -20 % in average). The PNG optimizations are done losslessly by the ZopfliPNG library.

PNG Benchmark

PNG file reduction on a selection of images


YOGA also optimize WebP images but there still a lot to do on this format. There is for now no much gain using YOGA instead using directly cwebp / libwebp, but converting JPEG to WebP and PNG to lossless WebP is very effective to reduce file sizes.

WebP Benchmark

JPEG vs WebP / PNG vs lossless WebP


If you are interested about the image used for the benchmark and the methodology, you will find everything on Github:

You will find more details about this benchmark on my blog (in French):

Known Issues

  • The "Stop" button only cancel future optimization but not the running ones (this is a limitation of the used Python APIs, this will be improved in the next release).
  • On Windows, the close, maximize and minimize buttons are black on black in the dark version of the "Windows10" GTK theme.


Here is the complete changelog, including the ones of the beta versions.

  • v1.0.0:
    • Fix [-] button do not remove selected image
    • Update site URL
  • v0.99.2 (beta):
    • Fix package data not installed while installing with pip (#3)
  • v0.99.1 (beta):
    • Fix site URL in
    • Fix version number
  • v0.99.0 (beta):
    • Initial release
    • Linux and Windows support
    • Optimizes PNG, JPEG and WebP image formats


YOGA Image Optimizer v1.0.0 main window screenshot

YOGA Image Optimizer v1.0.0 main window

Download YOGA Image Optimizer