YOGA Image Optimizer v1.1.2 Released With New Translations!

YOGA Image Optimizer v1.1.2 adds Russian and Spanish translations. Turkish translation has been fixed and completed. A big thanks to all contributors!

To make YOGA Image Optimizer simpler to translate, I am trying the POEditor platform that offers a nice web interface to translators. With POEditor, there is no more need to handle .po files manually nor to use Git.

YOGA Image Optimizer translations on POEditor

If YOGA Image Optimizer is not available in your language, please help translate it:

  1. First read the contribution section of the README here:
  2. Then join the project on POEditor and start translating:

Of course, you can still edit .po files with your favorite editor and open a pull request on Github if you prefer the traditional workflow. 😉️

Do not hesitate to open an issue or to join the Discord if you need help, if you have a question or to give me any feedback about POEditor. 🙂️


  • New translations:
    • Spanish
    • Russian
  • Updated translation:
    • Turkish


YOGA Image Optimizer v1.1.2 screenshot
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