YOGA Image Optimizer v1.2.1 Released With a fix and new translations!

YOGA Image Optimizer v1.2.1 was released today.

The previous version introduced an optimization for images preview: on Linux, it used the shared cache to speedup thumbnail generation (read more in the previous article). This optimization was not working with the Flatpak package because it was using its own cache instead of the shared one. This problem is now fixed in v1.2.1.

This version also brings a new Brazilian Portuguese translation thanks to @Kazevic, and the Dutch translation has been updated by @Vistaus.

Finally, YOGA Image Optimizer now officially supports Python 3.11.


  • Fixes / improvements:
    • Flatpak: use the real user cache, not the one of the Flatpak application (@flozz)
    • Added Python 3.11 support (@flozz)
  • Translations:
    • Added Brazilian Portuguese translation (@Kazevic, #36)
    • Completed Dutch translation (@Vistaus, #34)


YOGA Image Optimizer v1.2.1 screenshot
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