YOGA Image Optimizer v1.2.2 Released With a fix and updated translations!

YOGA Image Optimizer v1.2.2 was released today. This version is a maintenance release that fixes a bug that prevented the image list from being properly updated.

This bug affects mostly Linux users that use a distribution released more than one year ago (Ubuntu 20.04, Debian 11,...) and that installed the application from PyPI or from sources. The issue was caused by the use of a Pango markup attribute that was only supported by Pango >= v1.49.0 (released about a year ago).

The Flatpak package and the Windows distribution were not affected by this bug as they are shipped with the right version of the Pango library.

This version also brings updates for the Italian and Spanish translation thanks to @albanobattistella and @haggen88.


  • Bug fix:
    • Fixed an issue that prevents the update of the view with older Pango versions (@flozz, #41)
  • Translations:
    • Updated Italian translation (@albanobattistella, #39)
    • Updated Spanish translation (@haggen88, #42)


YOGA Image Optimizer v1.2.2 screenshot
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